Department of Tamil

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Postgraduate Programme

The Graduate Programme (Diploma in Tamil, MA, MPHIL)

Name of The Course and Code

500 Level Course
TLG 501 Modern Tamil Grammar
TLG 502 The Development of Modern Tamil Literature
TLG 503 Literary Criticism: Theory and Practice
TLG 504 Critical Study of Prescribed Texts
TLG 505 Tamil Language and Literature in Sri Lanka
TLG 507 Folk Literature in Tamil
M.A / M.Phil Course
TLG 601 Research Methodology with Special Reference to Language and Literary studies.
TLG 602 Tamil Language and Linguistics
TLG 603 History of Tamil Language
TLG 604 Tolkappiyam and Tamil Grammatical Tradition
TLG 605 Studies in Classical Tamil Poetry
TLG 606 Modern Poetry in Tamil
TLG 607 Early Tamil Novels and Society
TLG 608 Modern Literary Theories