Department of Tamil

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Programme

TLG101 Iintroduction to Tamil Language and Functional Grammar
TLG102 Iintroduction to Tamil Literature
FND103 Writing Skills (Tamil Medium)
HIN101 The Sources of Hindu Tradition
HIN102 History of Hindu Religion - Introduction

TLG201 Grammar of Modern Tamil: Phonology and Morphology
TLG202 The Development of Modern Tamil Poetry
TLG203 Practical Criticism and Literary Appreciation
TLG204 The Short Story in Tamil: Its Origin and Development
TLG205 Modern Tamil Syntax
TLG206 Landmarks in the Development of Tamil Novel
TLG207 Tamil Drama and Theatre
TLG208 Folk Literature and Folk Literary Studies in Tamil
HIN201 Philosophy of Upanishads
HIN202 History of Hinduism in Sri Lanka
HIN203 Non – Agamic Traditions in Hinduism
HIN204 A Special study of prescribe authors
HIN205 Bhakthi movement in North India
HIN206 Hindu ritual and religious practices
HIN207 The Philosophy of the Vedanda
HIN208 Hindu Reformers and modern Hinduism

TLG301 Sangam Poetry and Poetics
TLG302 Modern Literary and Critical Theories
TLG303 Didactic Literature in Tamil
TLG304 Bhakthi Movement and Devotional Poetry in Tamil
TLG305 Epic Poetry in Tamil
TLG306 Islam, Christianity and Tamil Literary Tradition
TLG307 History of Tamil Language
TLG308 Tamil Prosody and Alankara
HIN301 The Cults of Hinduism
HIN302 The Bhakthi movement in south India
HIN303 The Saiva Sidhantha
HIN304 Hindu Agamas
HIN305 Prescribe texts
HIN306 Hindu Political Thought
HIN307 Hindu civilization in South east Asia
HIN308 Hindu Art and Architecture

TLG401 History of Tamil Research
TLG402 Linguistic and Tamil Grammatical Tradition
TLG403 Development of Tamil Literature in Sri Lanka
TLG404 History of Literary Criticism in Tamil
TLG405 Modernization of Tamil Language : Problems and prospects
TLG406 Social and cultural history of the Tamil
TLG407 Tamil Palaeography and Inscription

TLG499 Dissertation

TCSS Tamil Language for Non Tamil Speaking Students