Department of Tamil

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Tamil Association

Tamil Association, which consists of all students who follow Tamil Special Degree Programme in the department, was formed to promote extracurricular activities of students and to develop social interactions among the students in the department. The Association conducts the following activities throughout the year

Field Trips

The Tamil in Department of Tamil Annually organize an educational field trip to historically & culturally important places in Sri Lanka. Enhance of students practical knowledge in the subjects. There are five courses in the syllabus of department of Tamil that need such practical knowledge.
There are: -
1.The social and cultural history of the Tamils
2. History of Sri-Lankan Tamil literature
3. Epigraphy and Paleography
4. Folk literature in Sri-Lanka
5. Hindu art and architecture
In these courses, we teach socio political history and culture up to medieval period and that includes Sri -Lanka as well. The students are expected to have acquaintances with the cultural aspects of Sri Lanka such as historical monuments, multicultural, archaeological side and culture of the tribes.

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