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Welcome to the Department of Sociology

The Department of Socialogy at Peradeniya is the largest and the best-known Sociology Department in the University system in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1947. Since its establishment, the Department of Sociology grew in its reputation, academic achievement and research output. Initially the student number was deliberately kept low, but since the 1970s the enrollments increased, following the introduction of Sociology in Sinhala and Tamil media. At present, the Department of Sociology is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Arts with well over 1000 students following Special and General degree courses. The department teaches in English, Sinhala and Tamil media and caters to a diverse student population drawn from all parts of the country. This is the only Sociology Department within the whole university system in Sri Lanka that teaches in all three media and, therefore, fully representative of the ethnic and socio-cultural diversity in the country

Among the pioneering sociologists associated with the Department were the Prof.Bryce Ryan, Prof.Ralph Pieris, Prof.S.J. Tambiah, Prof. Gananath Obeyesekere, Prof.Laksiri Jayasuriya, Prof. Nur Yalman, Prof. E.R. Leach, Prof. H.L.Seneviratne and Prof. Kitsiri Malalgoda. Prof. K. Tudor Silva, Emeritus Prof. W. M. Sirisena and Prof. M. W. Amarasiri De Silva another prominent members who have served in the Department in the recent past.

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Sociology Seminar Series - March 2024

Academic Time Table - Department of Sociology

  • Academic Time Table of the Department of Sociology for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2022/2023
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Invitation for Manuscripts - Samaja Vimasuma (Peer Reviewed Journal)

  • "Samaja Vimasuma" journal accepts original contributions focusing on sociological phenomena from Social Sciences and Humanities in general and Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work in particularly. Academic contributions from other disciplines are considered for publication if they have adopted a sociological approach in the analysis of theoretical and empirical content of sociological significance. Articles, book reviews, translations, case studies and other form of scholarly works from sociological and social work perspectives are accepted to publish.
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Invitation for Manuscripts - Sri Lanka Journal of Sociology, University of Peradeniya

  • The next volume of the SJS is expected to be published in December 2023. Please submit manuscripts on or before 31st October 2023, for VOL. 3 – ISSUE 1 (December 2023).
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