Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Programme

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology and Social Anthropology
SOC102 Sri Lankan Society

SOC201 Sociological Perspectives
SOC202 Social Institutions
SOC203 Social Psychology
SOC204 Introduction to Social Research
SOC205 Sociology of Family
SOC206 Population and Society
SOC207 Social Stratification and Social Mobility
SOC208 Sociology of Reproductive Health
SOC209 Sociology of Management
SOC210 Sociology of Work
SOC211 Sociology of Youth
SOC212 Community Development
SOC213 Cultural Anthropology
SOC215 Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution
SOC217 Gender and Society
SOC218 Introduction to Criminology
SOC219 Ethnicity and Society

SOC301 Foundations of Sociological Theory
SOC302 Advanced Research Methods in Sociology
SOC303 Applied Sociology
SOC304 Personality and Culture
SOC305 Introduction to Computing in Sociology
SOC306 Contemporary Social Issues
SOC307 Rural Sociology
SOC308 Culture and Communication
SOC309 Gender and Society
SOC310 Environmental Sociology
SOC311 Medical Anthropology
SOC312 Medical Sociology
SOC313 Sociology of Ageing
SOC314 Participatory Research and Planning
SOC315 Sociology of Violence and Conflict Management
SOC317 Statistical Methods in Sociology
SOC318 Population and Development
SOC320 Sociology of Organizations
SOC321 Sociology of Development

SOC401 Advanced Sociological Theory
SOC402 Ethnicity and Conflict Resolution
SOC404 Sociology of South Asia
SOC406 Sociology of Religion.
SOC408 Sociology of Education
SOC409 Sociology of Knowledge
SOC410 Industrial Sociology.
SOC415 Urban Sociology.
SOC416 Social Work and Social Welfare
SOC418 Sociology of Migration.
SOC419 Social Policy and Planning
SOC421 Agricultural Sociology
SOC498 Dissertation I
SOC499 Dissertation II