Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Undergraduate Programme

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sociology

SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology and Social Anthropology
SOC 1002 Sri Lankan Society

SOC 2001 Sociological Perspectives
SOC 2002 Foundation of Social Research
SOC 2003 Social Psychology
SOC 2004 Social Institutions
SOC 2005 Social Stratification and Social Mobility
SOC 2006 Organizational Management
SOC 2007 Community and Social Development
SOC 2008 Introduction to Criminology
SOC 2009 Sociology of Sexuality and Reproductive Health
SOC 2010 Gender and Society
SOC 2011 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 2012 Sociology of Family

SOC 3001 Foundation of Social Theory
SOC 3002 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 3003 Applied Sociology
SOC 3004 Participatory Research and Planning
SOC 3005 Social Impact Assessment
SOC 3006 Contemporary Social Issues
SOC 3007 Medical Sociology
SOC 3008 Quantitative Methods in Sociology
SOC 3009 Sociology of Ageing
SOC 3010 Sociology of Development
SOC 3011 Environmental Sociology
SOC 3012 Rural Sociology

SOC 4001 Advanced Social Theory
SOC 4002 Sociology of Religion
SOC 4003 Urban Sociology
SOC 4004 Sociology of South Asia
SOC 4005 Conflict Resolution
SOC 4006 Social Work and Welfare
SOC 4007 Policy and Planning
SOC 4013 Sociology of Media
SOC 4999 Dissertation

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

SWK 1001 Introduction to Social Work
SWK 1002 Introduction to Social and Welfare Policy

SWK 2001 Social Research for Social Work
SWK 2002 Modern Social Work Theory
SWK 2003 Social Work Research and Service Learning
SWK 2004 Communication and Generic Counseling Skills
SWK 2005 Human Service Organizations
SWK 2006 Community Development Practice

SWK 3001 Direct Practice with Individuals and Families
SWK 3002 Advocacy and Representation
SWK 3003 Active Aging, Disability and Healthcare
SWK 3004 Social Work with Children and Young People
SWK 3005 Community Health Promotion
SWK 3006 Poverty & Social Entrepreneurship
SWK 3007 Deviant Behaviour and Community Correction
SWK 4996 Supervised Field Practice 1

SWK 4001 Direct Practice with Groups and Communities
SWK 4002 Social Development Perspective in Social Work
SWK 4003 Social Work in Human Rights Context
SWK 4004 Program Planning and Evaluation
SWK 4005 Holistic and Reflective Practice
SWK 4997 Supervised Field Practice 2
SWK 4098 Dissertation 1
SWK 4099 Dissertation 2