Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts - University of Peradeniya

Sociology Association

Sociology Association, which consists of all students who follow Sociology Special Degree Programme in the department, was formed to promote extracurricular activities of students and to develop social interactions among the students in the department. The Association conducts the following activities throughout the year

Sanhinda Pamula - Pedura

This event enhances the aesthetic knowledge of students about classical songs and music of Sinhala and Tamil cultures, with the purpose of strengthening unity among them.

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Samaja Niriksha

Samaja Niriksha is the students' academic journal periodically published by the Sociology Association under the supervision of the academic staff of the department. It provides students an opportunity to improve their critical thinking and writing skills. Especially, final year students are encouraged to publish their standard research works conducted under the supervision of the respective supervisors in this Journal.

Samaja Sathkaraya

Samaja Sathkaraya is the charity run by the Sociology Association to carry out social services with the guidance and assistance of the staff of the department. This provides socio-economic assistances to marginalized social groups and under-developed schools with the purpose of promoting their social inclusion in the larger society.

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Film Reading Circle

The objective of this event is to develop critical thinking and cross-cultural knowledge of students. Under this, selected films are screened and reviewed from socio-anthropological and psychological points of view.

Annual Trips

The Sociology Association organizes annual trips to various places in the island. It is not only an activity of entertainment but also a learning process through which the students accumulate knowledge on socio-cultural diversity in the country. Further, it targets promoting interactions between students and staff members belong to different cultural backgrounds.