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Sociology day

The Sociology Day, 2015 of the Department of Sociology, University of Peradeniya brings to the attention of academic and policy community the unique achievements and profile of our graduates and members of academic staff who make this an opportunity to communicate their extensive engagements with cutting edge research that are of relevance for social scientists as well as leaders of the policy community. The Sociology Day of the year 2015 is the first of its kind organized by the Department of Sociology. This event was graced by Professor Gananath Obeyesekere, one of the greatest ever anthropologists in the history of Sri Lankan Sociology/Anthropology as the Keynote Speaker. The Chief Guest of honour is Mr Saman Senanayake, former head of Department of Sociology.

The Sociology Day hosted several key events, including the Keynote speech by Professor Obeyesekere, research presentations by members of academic staff, post-graduates, and graduates of the Department of Sociology. In addition, there were poster presentations showcasing research conducted by our graduates and undergraduates. The event is also featured by traditional and modern cultural items of the Kandyan and Tamil traditions, a books exhibition, establishment of a center for applied social research and introduction to the internship programme for undergraduates. True to their disciplinary heritage, sociologists also make this a day for rekindling past relations and creating new connectivities across a heterogeneous community of members of academic staff, graduates, alumina, members of the policy community and academic communities from other universities across the country in a mutually beneficial endeavor. leaders of government institutions, international organizations will find this day a fine opportunity for discovering unique skills and abilities of our graduates.

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