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Welcome to the Department of Geography

The Department of Geography is one of the reputed departments in the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka which was established in 1952. Geography is a popular discipline among the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the faculty and a large number of undergraduates follow either the Special Degree Program in Geography, or offer it as part of the General Degree Program. The department offers excellent undergraduate and postgraduate training, and provides rich and diverse research opportunities for both local and foreign students. The department, which has 21 full time lecturers, currently conducts courses in Sinhala and Tamil, as well as in English. Staff members of the department are actively engaged in research activities pertaining to the fields of their specialization and interests. The departmental staff seminar series provides the opportunity for both staff and graduate students to exchange ideas and present their research findings

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Poster Competition - 2021

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