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The University of Peradeniya is a lively center of culture, and students have many opportunities to experience the cultures of different communities and take part in social and cultural activities.

Several organizations and student societies are active in the promotion of culture and arts at Peradeniya University. These are the Arts Council, the University Film Society, the Gandharva Sabha (the Oriental Music Society), the Sinhala Natya Mandalaya (Sinhalese Drama Circle), the Music Society, and the University Drama Society.

The Arts Council, which is managed by a committee of senior academics and other staff members, organizes documentary and feature film shows and other artistic activities. Documentary films borrowed from various embassies are shown in the Arts Theatre free of charge on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, a large number of feature films are also screened by the University Film Society and other student societies.

Student activities in drama and theatre are encouraged mostly by the Arts Council, the Sinhala Natya Mandalaya, and the Drama Society. Plays produced at Peradeniya University as well as by outsiders are staged at the Sarachchandra Open Air Theatre, south of the Arts Building, at the E.O.E.Pereira Theatre in the Engineering Faculty, and at the little theatre in the Student Centre. The former has been named in recognition of Professor E.R.Sarachchandra's valuable contribution to Sinhala drama while he was at Peradeniya University. One of the most popular cultural events of the University of Peradeniya, the Drama Festival, is held at this Open Air Theatre.

A number of societies and clubs organize various activities among the students. Of these, the Student Union, which is a formal society, is the most important, and looks after the general welfare of the students. Each faculty has a Faculty Student Union. The Faculty Unions form an umbrella organization called the Peradeniya Students Union (PSU). All undergraduates are members of the Student Union and have the right to vote in the annual elections. There are other societies where the membership is based on either interests or academic discipline. The interest-based societies are mostly Inter Faculty associations. The following are some student societies where students can pursue their interests.

  1. Buddhist Brotherhood
  2. Hindu Students' Society
  3. Inter Faculty Students' Centre Society
  4. Music Society
  5. Muslim Majlis (Islamic Brotherhood)
  6. Photographic Society
  7. Sarasavi Sanvada Kendraya (University Debating Society)
  8. Sinhala Natya Mandalaya (Sinhala Dramatic Society)
  9. Tamil Society
  10. University Dramatic Society
  11. University Explorers' Club
  12. University Film Society
  13. University Gandharva Sabha (Oriental Music Society)
  14. University Newman Society (Catholic Brotherhood)
  15. World University Service, Peradeniya

Membership of these societies is voluntary. These societies charge a membership fee, which is paid annually. In addition, most Departments of Study have discipline-based student societies. These normally do not require the members to pay a fee. Membership of these societies is given to all students who study the discipline. The departmental societies are:
  1. Commerce Society
  2. Curia Historica (History Society)
  3. Diploma Students Union
  4. Economics Society
  5. English Literary Association
  6. Geographical Society
  7. Pali and Buddhist Students Society
  8. Political Science Society
  9. Sinhala Society
  10. Society of Archaeology
  11. Sociological Association

Also, each hall of residence has a Hall Society that mainly attends to matters relating to student affairs in the halls.

All university student societies are registered with the Senior Assistant Registrar/Student Services. Office bearers of these societies are elected at annual general meetings. All student societies are required to have a Senior Treasurer, who is a member of the academic staff. Interested students can obtain information about these societies from the Senior Assistant Registrar (Student Welfare).

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