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   Needy Students' Fund - Faculty of Arts

Applications are called from the Students from Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya, who need financial support. Applications are called until the 22nd of March 2021.Please click "More info" for download the notices(Sinhala,English and Tamil Medium) and application as a zip file.


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   Revised Plan for the Remaining Sections of Undergraduate Study Programmes

The plan for the remaining sections of Undergraduate Study Programmes of the Faculty of Arts, in the 2019/ 2020 academic year, has been revised. This includes new dates for study leave and examinations. Please click "More" to see the revisions.


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   Career Interest Test - For Students in 1000 Level

An online Career Interest Test has been designed by the State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research, and Innovation to recognize students' interests in their future careers. The 1000 level students of the Faculty of Arts are required to take this test to which a link is given in the attached document. Please click "MORE" to access it. Once you have taken the test, you may see the results which you should send back to CIVCO unit's email address ( with your index number on or before 12th February 2021. The test is available in all three media. Director/ CIVCO, Faculty of Arts


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